TIM-X GROUP: THE HUNGARIAN DRESSMAKER CHAIN - If beautiful is what you need.

When dressmaker shops are steadily closing down and there is a growing shortage of seamstresses, the question may arise: how is a Hungarian dressmaker chain able to constantly expand under such circumstances?

We here at Tim-X Group know exactly that our success is owed to numerous components, yet one of them is still the most important of all:


Exactly the way our clients requested...

We owe it to this high-quality service and perfectionist approach to our profession that within a few years, we have been able to fight our way up from being a starting enterprise to the professional elite.

It is no secret that today we are working in 6 well-equipped dressmaker shops with more than 150 employees to fulfil the increasing number of customers' orders.


Due to the increasing demand for high-quality work, we plan on opening new dressmaker shops and further expanding our network of subcontractors in the near future.

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"A profession may only be done wholeheartedly, otherwise there is no point."

Tímea Molnár, owner
Tímea Molnár, owner

Ever since we started in 2010, we have been continuously working on being able to serve customers who set exceptionally high standards in dressmaking, and for whom there is no compromise in terms of quality. Satisfying such serious expectations, our dressmaker chain has fought its way up to the professional elite.

Thanks to the developments we have carried out during the past years, today we hold our own, even at the world level.

We take tremendous pride in our high-quality works, which have earned the confidence of renowned and recognised companies, such as the Italian MONCLER producing luxury clothing, MAX MARA, or LES COPAINS.

However, we take the most pride in our colleagues, with whom we have been able to solve every problem arising on the way so far. It is a great joy to always be able to rely on the support of our colleagues and partners, so we are doing everything in our power to make both our team of 150 seamstresses and our network of partners fully satisfied with our company.

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Have you also been deceived by some clients? When you had carried out the dressmaking process, but you were still denied payment due to some supposed flaws concerning quality? If you wish to avoid such situations in the future, become our partner!

We enjoy working with brilliant professionals and building well-functioning, long-term partnerships.

This is the exact reason why we provide our subcontractors with all the professional help necessary (technicians, tools, materials, schemes, etc.), so they may carry out the same high-quality work as we would. To ensure success, we provide constant help, remuneration above market average, and an endless stock of customers' orders.